"Summer was fun, but winter was pretty slow. I tried to find a way to show life below the surface - without shooting fish and coral."

Having received praise and recognition from his original Underwater Project series, Mark Tipple admits that he struggled to find the same focus as the Australian winter closed in.

"I found myself shooting small waves, big waves, shore break waves, basically anything that I could find to shoot, but it drew too close to Clark Little's work for me to find much stoke in trying something new. Shooting the same style of The Underwater Project with surfers wasn't the direction that I wanted to take the project for the new series, (pauses), I remember the day that I was a fair way out from the shore on a small swell day and wanted to pay homage to a wave we used to surf back home we called 'Bubbles'. I dove to the bottom, exhaled and chased the bubbles to the surface shooting the whole time. The first shots turned out pretty cool."

Admitting that he may be looking too deep by saying that the bubbles represent life below the surface, again, it's a new style of an everyday occurrence from The Underwater Project. - Jeremy White

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