Ben Howard’s music is a regular in our home. His soothing mumbling resonance brings warmth and comfort, while his music doesn’t demand anything but offers so much. The lyrics in one of his songs hit home more than anything else in 2018, a year of some of the biggest non-work related changes in my life.

Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.

For the freelancer this mindset is a must, as the year shifts and flows through its chaotic sonumbulance of existence. Plus, the line afterwards seems to fit so darn well it makes me smile overtime I hear it :

Keep your mind set, keep your hair long.

2018 came and went at an alarming pace, and never was I more blindsided by the freelance ebbs and flows than this year. From landing a series of self conceptualised films to being asked to ‘just do what you do, and here’s our entire marketing budget’, which led to putting our adult pants on and buying a patch of land and mortar to cement our place in the world (but more on that later).

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