Fifteen from Twenty Fifteen

My New Years resolution was a simple one; to say yes to every opportunity that arose. Bold huh. 

While the word ‘opportunity’ has received a bad rap over the past decade “we don’t have budget, but it will be a great opportunity for you”; I told myself to keep it simple and pay attention to my instincts.
What came about was a non-stop year of commercial work, with a few personal trips added to the mix; truth be told I’m still reeling.

Taking a break from the work that’s still present to reflect on the past is the best way to plan for the upcoming year (dang, it’s already March), because if there’s one thing we can learn from the past it’s to focus on those projects that stuck against the wall when thrown.

From local trips to international shoots, from personal injury to personal bests, to understanding the boring things like how to actually run a business and not ‘just roll with it’, 2015 was, well, it was.

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