Fourteen from Twenty Fourteen

As each year passes I think, what actually is a year? 

Sure, it’s a space of time that we’ve created that fits with the seasons, so we can gauge the amount of time we’ve been here for, or how long an egg takes to boil. I only learned how long an egg takes to boil this year, pardon the reference. For the record, two minutes isn’t enough when you’re camping. Or living in a van. 

It’s been a long year of answering the question ‘when are you going to get a place to live’, and fielding the blank looks when I say ‘I do have a place to live, it just moves’. 

I think I’m funny, anyway. 

Some fun personal work in 2014, some blogged about, some hidden in the archives. Along with a few personal milestones, plus many more miles in the van. 

No matter what eventuates; they're happy days.

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