Ten from Twenty Ten

In order to move forward you need to know where you've been.

Or something like that.

New beginnings, new resolutions, new starts, whatever connotation you give the start of a New Year, it's a chance to look back and learn. Personally while there's so many variables that make up my work, the underwater project or documentary series I keep finding myself reassessing my photographic style. From the aesthetics to the technical or the content to the emotion, each feed off each other to project what I'm trying to convey through each press of the shutter.

Although the past year consisted of a lot of video work, Shark Diver editing and corporate promo clips, my cameras racked up around 62,000 frames. One broke while working with 100Revs in the Mardi Gras back in February and again during the rain of November, while the other held strong underwater at 8 frames per second; still shooting after I called it quits pushed beyond our limits in the Southern Ocean.

These 10 single images portray a sporadic journey from style to form, with implied clarity to finite direction, basically from where I thought I knew what I wanted to do to now where I have direction.

Start to finish; TwentyTen was fun.

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