Thirteen from Twenty Thirteen

To roam is life.

Be mobile, for being active breeds good vibes.

I highly doubt that's in any dictionary, but it should be.

Looking back at 2013 and it feels like 2001 all over again. Sporadic work, plenty of waves, countless miles on the road, a come what may attitude and more personal work than ever before. 

Having felt starved and cramped the road was a gift, and the lifestyle that emerged was one of positivity and creativity. There's something about arriving in a place without a schedule or necessities, with even the most basic need of shelter being covered by vanlife.

The true gift of a camera opening doors has never been as powerful as having an open heart to share, share time with, and share stories with people in areas never experienced before.

Familiarity can breed staleness; a writers block of visual proportions. I remember reading of a photographer who hasn't stayed still for more than four months over the past forty years. Friends ask how long this will last, if this is just a six month stint or if I'm trying to prove something to myself, without need for a solid answer a simple 'it's fun' seems to cover all bases. 

If the past year has led to this life the next chapter is set to be the same.


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